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I have started attending prenatal/pregnancy yoga since January 2018, when I was 5 months pregnant. The only regret I had was that I did not start earlier.
It was great to meet other pregnant ladies and share the experience together, as well as discuss anything that concerns you. The class helped me to remain flexible and strong during the pregnancy.
At the end of my pregnancy I also attended Birth Preparation Workshop, which was wonderful due to the fact that we received both practical and theoretical knowledge about the labour and after-birth.
The midwife talked about what medical options we have, and what can be expected from the hospital staff, while doula tough us various mental and physical exercises on what to do in order to progress in labour in the right speed and cope with the pain.
She also provided good recommendations on how to involve the partner during the labour.
The workshop was great, because we had several “tools” in mind we could try during the process – this made me feel more secure when time came.
After attending both courses, I highly recommend them to anyone who would like to remain active and strong during this wonderful but challenging times!
Neringa, Lithuania
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Hi Aga, 
Hope you are well! Just letting you know I have now given birth to my beautiful baby girl Ella <3. She was born on the 9th of August weighing 3.990 kg and 53cm in length! I want to thank you for all your good advice throughout the pregnancy yoga class. I had to be induced in the end but regardless I managed to have a completely natural birth with no painkillers at all (other than my husbands hand) which is exactly what I wanted so that’s lovely. Your breathing techniques and mantras really really helped me through the process and kept me going, so I appreciate that :). My husband also wanted to say thanks for the advice in the pregnancy prep class. It helped him loads to be able to help me in the best way and remind me of my breathing etc :). 
I have now signed up for the mama baby yoga in October so Ella and I are looking forward to seeing you then 🙂 
All the best, 

I had some hesitation in participating in pregnancy yoga, because I wasn’t sure I needed pregnancy specific yoga, as I was attending my regular yoga class until 32 weeks. However I realised that pregnancy yoga is so important for your birth preparation and very different to standard yoga classes.

After attending pregnancy yoga I felt much calmer as it focused my energy and labor preparation on simple breathing techniques, rather than feeling overwhelmed with all the advice as I had done before.

What I liked most about pregnancy yoga with shakti doula was being able to exercise up until the day I gave birth which helped me stay calm and the opportunity to meet other expectant mums who have become good friends.

I definitely recommend prenatal yoga with shakti doula, to anyone who is pregnant regardless if they have done yoga before or not.  Everyone will take something useful from the class to improve their pregnancy, labour, or both. Particularly helpful from 28 weeks pregnant and above.

I tried other pregnancy yoga courses, but Aga (shakti doula) was the only one to have “homework” exercises, follow up e-mails and a spotify playlist of the calming music from class (which I found very helpful in my labour).  I’ve just signed up to her Mother & Baby yoga classes too.

Laura Robin


Dear Aga!

We want to thank u for the birthday preparation course, we had!!! It was so helpful at any respect! We felt ourselves confident and prepared and knew what to expect!!! ?❤️

Our Maximilian was born 3 weeks ahead, on 20 June, 2.8 kg and 49 sm.  It was a good labour, even took 15 hours since water broke. But we used many poses u showed and the massage and shower! It was a great pain reliefs! The midwife was impressed that physically I could do all these positions (so she noticed that i was training at yoga classes), and she told that my husband was very professional in helping me ?.

Now we are enjoying our time! Max is much bigger! I love spending time with him!

Anna K. 

After attending birth preparation we were more comfortable, informed and prepared for the birth. Its a great opportunity to meet other international parents who have the same expectations as you do.The environment is a safe, relaxed and friendly one.
From the birth preparation course we liked most that it covered all aspects and scenarios of the birth, a ´natural` approach to the birthing plan and that there was a midwife that could also answer our questions (especially since we were new to the health system in Denmark).
Having participated in the pregnancy yoga, birthing class and now mama- baby yoga, I find the instructor, Agnieszka, warm, welcoming and knowledgeable as she is a doula as well.
Definitely recommend all her courses especially the birthing preparation class, because you come there not knowing what to expect and leave with a wealth of information.

Wardah M. 

Mon and Baby

My partner and I feel much more confident and prepared to go through the birthing process after the birthing workshop with Agnieszka.  We especially liked the emphasis on practical techniques and movements to help prepare for and create a more comfortable birth experience, and appreciated the warm and open atmosphere that Agnieszka created among the participants. The last session with a midwife dealt with the more medical aspects of giving birth and was equally useful. We were welcome to ask questions and I found the midwife’s enthusiasm both calming and encouraging. Overall we left the workshops feeling far more knowledgeable about the birth process and the Danish system, and with several tools that we could start practicing to make the upcoming experience as calm as possible.

Thank you Agnieszka!

Jennifer D, Canada

Agnieszka is a wonderful, knowledgeable and attentive yoga teacher, passionate about women’s health & balance throughout different life cycles. It is fascinating to follow her workshops on this topic because she offers ways to balance body, mind and spirit. I attended her workshop on conscious pregnancy and birthing. Unlike other lectures/ books on pregnancy and birthing, this workshop gives good insights into Ayurvedic, natural approach for pregnancy and birthing. Agnieszka gives useful guidelines on breathing, meditation, psychological and physiological preparation for birthing, working with a partner, postpartum issues, etc. Her workshop combines both a modern physiology approach and Ayurvedic approach. I was inspired by and found the workshop very helpful: following her guidelines supported me during the birthing of my son, which was 100% natural, with no use of medication. I also loved the exercises she showed, which one can do to prepare the body for birthing and to support post-partum.

Surayo V. Uzbekistan

Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 14.15.56

Dear Agnieszka.

Thank you for a great, cozy and informative Birth preparation class. We both had a really good afternoon, great experience.

I must say that your Birth preparation class was way better then all of the three Birth preparation meetings given at the Herlev hospital.

Your information was genuine, personal and open mined. You covered most of the most important topics and the atmosphere was relaxed and happy. 

We could really tell that you enjoyed giving the class and that you knew what you were talking about.

Very nice to be served snacks and tea during your class. And it was very nice to have some practical exercises in between the theoretical information. 

Looking forward to your mama – baby class!! Take care.

Lisa N. Sweden

I was quite sure that the yoga birth preparation class would have been a good tool to prepare my husband and me for this big step.
After attending the class me and my partner feel much more relaxed and self confident. In particular, it gave me the feeling that I am capable enough to go through this process with my own strength.
What I liked the most is the fact that it showed me more “natural” ways to cope with pain and stress compared to the hospital classes.
I would recommend it because Agnieszka is very prepared and she gives you all the information you need to cope with the birth of your child.
One day course is not doable in my opinion. So I would recommend you to always propose a two-day option. Videos, material, exercises and all the rest was absolutely great 🙂

Sara R. Italy


We wanted a preparation class, specially because this is our first baby. Someone we know and trust recommended as that birth preparation course.

I was 100% scared about the birth. The stories you hear don´t help, so my pre-ideas before the class were not very good to keep my mind in peace and ready for the birth. After the preparation class I feel more confident and relaxed. I was also very anxious about the date to come, now it will be whenever it has to be, not earlier, so I understood this is a teamwork between me and my baby. I feel more connected, or connected in a more spiritual way with my baby.

I really liked we had the possibility to be at home during the birth preparation. It was very comfortable and safe to be at our place. The course was divided in few meetings, which was very nice. We had possibility to digest what we have learned and also prepare some question. We had possibility to touch in detail the most important for us topics.

I am already recommending the course to other expecting couples, because I could feel the difference between before and after the class. The course had a good structure, was really well prepared and cover all we needed to know for this important event in our family life.

Raquel P. Spain

We were both enthusiastic about the birth preparation course. We had a small hesitation about participating because we thought the information from midwife Isabella could overlap a lot with the prenatal course offered by Herlev. However, it turned out to be very nice to hear some of the things again and to hear things explained in a different way, so this was not a problem in the end.
After attending birth preparation we know better how to talk about the birth. We also liked how the birth was considered to be a positive experience. Often people talk about it as a difficult and painful experience, so we are very happy to have a more positive image. We now feel more relaxed about the birth.
The exercises with doula Aga, the session with the midwife Isabella and the connection with the other couples we liked most from that course.
We can recommend birth preparation course, because it is a good way, to connect with each other and with other couples and to prepare in a positive and relaxed way for the birth.
Thank you for a nice course 🙂

Corine and Paul, France


Birth preparation classes bring more conscious and shed light upon about how to deal with the labour.
We really liked partner exercises, breathing techniques and massage with the partner. Basically, everything that includes the partner. It includes the partner and shows how important his/her role is.
Definitely I recommend the birth preparation course. First time parents can be a bit afraid what is about to come. I wasn’t, but there were still some things I haven’t been thinking about (like for ex. 4th trimester). Also mothers to be are more likely to do their research, and there is so much disinformation, it’s also nice to see other couples that are going through the same thing.
The course was great, the content, but also the whole atmosphere.
I really liked the way you’ve carried out the course, it felt very natural and welcoming and relaxing. And that’s exactly what future parents need I think. Also midwifes Isabelas part was great.

Maria T. Slovakia

I talked to my colleague and she recommended pregnancy yoga with Shakti Doula – Aga

After pregnancy yoga with Aga the most obvious changes were emotionally, because it felt like therapy. For the mind more than the body.  I liked open atmosphere were we could share what was on our minds.

I recommend others pregnancy yoga with Shakti Doula – Aga

Maria, Denmark

Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 13.34.12

At first when I started pregnancy yoga classes with Shakti Doula I was a little scared, that it was so personal. But that ended up being the best thing

After attending pregnancy yoga my body and especially my breathing is more balanced. I can use my body to calm myself down.  

I liked that we were few in the class. Lots of time to talk about babies and worries. And Aga making it a place of comfort.

I will definitely recommend the course. The way we focussed on the connection to the unborn child is something every pregnant woman should come and learn. The vibes of the place – thanks to Aga – makes it safe and something to look forward to.

I loved the classes. I got addicted to it. It was a little time for me and the baby where I could get away from whatever is happening in life. That was because of Agas personality, warmth and openness. I will recommend your classes to anyone.

Katrine from Denmark

I got recommendation to participate in your postpartum yoga classes from a friend, who participated your pregnancy yoga classes. She said you are great and yoga will be good for me and for my son.

I really liked the movements, to be active again on a different way. Emotionally I was able to close old cases, that helped me to clean out my bookshelves from the rubbishy papers.

The tea ceremony in the beginning when we could discuss topics related to the new life status: being a mom.

I would recommend it to other moms, as they can meet a lot of different moms from all over the world. In my class, we were from Hungary, France, Poland, Australia, Saud-Arabia etc.

I really liked the fact that you are an active woman, not just in yoga, but on Instagram and YouTube as well.

Linda from Hungary