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pregnancy yoga

Pregnancy yoga Copenhagen is one of the best things that you can do for yourself, as well as your growing baby ♥

Pregnancy is a special time for every woman. She experiences the miracle of life by feeling her body adapting to the baby growing inside her.

Pregnancy is also the first stage of a baby’s life. While growing inside a mother’s womb, a baby experiences sensations, emotions and her/his environment. An unborn child is forming the foundation of its life, its sense of security and self-confidence. Already at that early stage, a baby needs to feel deeply connected with its mother.

By practicing pregnancy yoga in Copenhagen, a mother learns not only how to be in tune with and communicate with her child; she also learns how to relax and take care of herself so that she can better nurture her baby.  By practicing yoga during pregnancy, mothers feel better physically, mentally and emotionally.

Pregnancy yoga Copenhagen helps mothers establish an intimate bond with their babies.

Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga

improves sleep

increases your energy

prepares you for labor

calms your nervous system

teaches you how to breath correctly

preparing to become conscious mother

deeper connection with your baby

relieves tension of your back, hips, chest, neck and shoulders

strengthens your hips, back, arms, legs and shoulders

quickens postpartum recovery

a great way to meet other expecting moms

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Pregnancy Yoga Copenhagen in English


6 times – 750 kr

The course is in English, but Danish speakers are welcome as well, and can get some explanation in Danish as needed.


Wednesdays, 17:00 – 18:30,

AyA Yoga Kigkurren 8 K, st. 2300 København S

starts 08/07/20 – BOOK HERE

starts 02/09/20 – BOOK HERE




At first when I started pregnancy yoga classes with Shakti Doula I was a little scared, that it was so personal. But that ended up being the best thing

After attending pregnancy yoga my body and especially my breathing is more balanced. I can use my body to calm myself down.  

I liked that we were few in the class. Lots of time to talk about babies and worries. And Aga making it a place of comfort.

I will definitely recommend the course. The way we focussed on the connection to the unborn child is something every pregnant woman should come and learn. The vibes of the place – thanks to Aga – makes it safe and something to look forward to.

I loved the classes. I got addicted to it. It was a little time for me and the baby where I could get away from whatever is happening in life. That was because of Agas personality, warmth and openness. I will recommend your classes to anyone.


I had some hesitation in participating in pregnancy yoga, because I wasn’t sure I needed pregnancy specific yoga, as I was attending my regular yoga class until 32 weeks. However I realised that pregnancy yoga is so important for your birth preparation and very different to standard yoga classes.

After attending pregnancy yoga I felt much calmer as it focused my energy and labor preparation on simple breathing techniques, rather than feeling overwhelmed with all the advice as I had done before.

What I liked most about pregnancy yoga with shakti doula was being able to exercise up until the day I gave birth which helped me stay calm and the opportunity to meet other expectant mums who have become good friends.

I definitely recommend prenatal yoga with shakti doula, to anyone who is pregnant regardless if they have done yoga before or not.  Everyone will take something useful from the class to improve their pregnancy, labour, or both. Particularly helpful from 28 weeks pregnant and above.

I tried other pregnancy yoga courses, but Aga (shakti doula) was the only one to have “homework” exercises, follow up e-mails and a spotify playlist of the calming music from class (which I found very helpful in my labour).  I’ve just signed up to her Mother & Baby yoga classes too.

Laura Robin

Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 13.34.12

I talked to my colleague and she recommended pregnancy yoga with Shakti Doula – Aga

After pregnancy yoga with Aga the most obvious changes were emotionally, because it felt like therapy. For the mind more than the body.  I liked open atmosphere were we could share what was on our minds.

I recommend others pregnancy yoga with Shakti Doula – Aga

Maria, Denmark

While attending pregnancy yoga it was nice to move my body despite the many kilos 😉 and I learned some new things e.g. about birth and the baby, what options I have for birth and after, instead of just doing what the doctors tell me to (to make exercises to start natural birth instead of being induced, what happens with the baby just before birth etc.).

And most important, to be more at ease with the choices I make no matter what, and don’t feel guilty about it.

About pregnancy yoga mostly I liked to meet with others in similar situation and talk about how you are with the pregnancy, yourself and others. And to move my body 😉

It’s so nice to have a forum where you can talk about your hopes and dreams, fears and concerns about becoming mother. And know that you are not alone. I think the time for talk before the exercises is equal important as the actual yoga.

Mille, Denmark

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I have started attending prenatal/pregnancy yoga since January 2018, when I was 5 months pregnant. The only regret I had was that I did not start earlier.
It was great to meet other pregnant ladies and share the experience together, as well as discuss anything that concerns you. The class helped me to remain flexible and strong during the pregnancy.
At the end of my pregnancy I also attended Birth Preparation Workshop, which was wonderful due to the fact that we received both practical and theoretical knowledge about the labour and after-birth.
The midwife talked about what medical options we have, and what can be expected from the hospital staff, while doula tough us various mental and physical exercises on what to do in order to progress in labour in the right speed and cope with the pain.
She also provided good recommendations on how to involve the partner during the labour.
The workshop was great, because we had several “tools” in mind we could try during the process – this made me feel more secure when time came.
After attending both courses, I highly recommend them to anyone who would like to remain active and strong during this wonderful but challenging times!