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In my blog you can read about pregnancy yoga, birth preparation, natural birth preparation techniques, conscious pregnancy and conscious birth preparation. Blog about postnatal rituals and mama baby yoga.
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More and more pregnant women do yoga. Many of them have never done yoga before but when they get pregnant, they decide to start. Is yoga in pregnancy a new trend or something more?   What is yoga? Yoga means the connection between body, breath and soul (inner voice...

Pelvic floor muscles in pregnancy If I had only a few minutes every day to exercise during pregnancy, I would devote them to practice strengthening and loosening pelvic floor muscles. What are pelvic floor muscles? It is a set of muscles that works as a hammock for internal...

  In many cultures all over the world, a 40-day-long postpartum “quarantine” is kept.  

It’s a time for the woman and the baby to bond, relax and regenerate.

  During this time, it is recommended that the woman has enough time and peace to care for the baby, to breastfeed and rest.

I remember from my own experience that birth seemed to me as the “Day zero”, which I have waited and prepared for as if it was the end of the world, explosion of a nuclear bomb, the happy end!

I was so overwhelmed with preparing myself for that day that I forgot about, what’s next?

Diet of pregnant women should consist of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fats Chose vitamins and minerals from foods than from supplements and in case of vitamin D, from controlled sun exposure. Check the list of natural vitamins and minerals you can find in foods: Calcium Daily amount: 1000...