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Learn how to make a massage for your baby
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baby massage

Research shows that with regular massage, touch babies cry less and sleep better.


Learn how to give your baby a delightful and healthy massage.


The basic needs of a newborn baby are to get plenty of breastmilk, to feel comfortable by wearing clothes that suit the temperature, to get the nappy changed when needed, and also to receive lots of loving, healing touch.

Your baby does not need expensive toys, clothes or accessories; what babies need to thrive is to be loved, cuddled, held, and stroked. That is why the time immediately after the birth, when a baby is lying on the mother’s chest, is known as the “golden hour.” 


Massage and gentle skin-to-skin stroking release oxytocin, also known as the “love hormone,” and endorphins, which reduce perceptions of pain and may produce a feeling of euphoria. When babies receive massage, they feel happy, calm and loved.


A this course you will not only learn techniques but also how to create nice atmosphere and environment for lovely massage, how to communicate with your baby and how to read your baby body language.



Provides a special time of communication, compassion and respect

Creates a time of intimacy between parent and child

Encourages pre-verbal communication through eye contact, touch, speech and smell

Promotes better sleep, relaxation

Reduces crying

Improves the skin condition

Helps to normalize muscle tone

Helps with congestion, gas and colic

Improves blood circulation and boosts immune system

Helps you to learn about your baby´s needs and desires

Baby Massager course ONLINE


Yoga & Baby MASSAGE in English – for all international mothers

3 classes every Thursday from 11:30 – 12:30

No drop-ins. Sign-up for full course only.

We meet online and we will record teaching, so you can practice baby massage after the class as well.


Dates: 3 Thursdays: 09.04, 16.04, 23.04

Price: 600 kr

Mothers group

I’m arranging lessons in baby massage for mothers groups. You can learn how to give your baby a delightful and healthy massage.


2,5 hours – 1200 kr for the whole group, so you can share the price between participants.


Private courses at your home with you and your baby or the whole family

If you like to learn how to massage your baby and create best athmosfere for it at your place. I Offer private courses for you and your babyy or for the whole family.