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Pregnancy yoga, natural birth, healthy diet in pregnancy, how to stay in form during the pregnancy.
Pregnancy yoga, natural birth, healthy diet in pregnancy, how to stay in form during the pregnancy.
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10 reasons to do yoga in pregnancy

Pregnancy Yoga in Copenhagen with Aga Bera

10 reasons to do yoga in pregnancy

More and more pregnant women do yoga. Many of them have never done yoga before but when they get pregnant, they decide to start.

Is yoga in pregnancy a new trend or something more?


What is yoga?

Yoga means the connection between body, breath and soul (inner voice and wisdom).

Yoga in pregnancy is also our connection with the unborn baby.

Yoga is not only exercising on a mat but also a lifestyle defined by treating yourself, your body and your surroundings with respect to get as much peace and balance as possible.

Every woman instinctively wants to care for her baby and will do everything to provide him with safety, peace, physical and emotional balance.


Right from the beginning of pregnancy we want to care for our developing baby. Often, we change our diet, physical activity, lifestyle and attitudes. Yogi lifestyle is very supportive in this and motivates to change.

My motto and manifesto for pregnant women is as follows:

The most important thing you can do for the baby developing in your womb is to care for yourself – healthy lifestyle as well as physical and emotional balance”.


What other advantages does practicing yoga in pregnancy have?


1. Yoga builds an amazing bond between mom and baby already in pregnancy

While doing yoga, we have the opportunity to be only with ourselves in silence and concentration. This is also a moment, in which we can connect deeply with our unborn child, send love and positive energy, communicate mentally and energetically. This is a time devoted only to mom and her baby.


2. Doing yoga teaches how to be fully present here and now

During yoga practice we become aware not only of our body and breathing, but also of everything we feel and experience. Yoga helps us to be fully present here and now. The ability to be present is essential in the relationship with our baby in pregnancy, birth and motherhood. Children feel safe, loved and self-confident when the parents spend time with them and are fully aware of this time together.


3. Yoga awakens energy and wellbeing in us

By doing yoga, we stimulate vital prana that circulates our body. When prana moves and energises us, we are healthy, happy and in full form. This energy reaches also the baby in womb.


4. Yoga strengthens the spine, relaxes back and hips, opens chest and shoulders

Yoga greatly strengthens our body. In pregnancy, woman’s posture changes due to the weight of the baby, amniotic fluid and growing uterus. It is very important in pregnancy to care about the right body posture, strengthening inner muscles and preparing the body for birth and postpartum.


5. Yoga helps the woman to breathe for two and teaches the right breathing for birth

One of the most important parts of yoga is breath. Every yoga position is connected to specific breathing. Deep, controlled breath is very important in pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Conscious breathing will help us with eliminating stress, anxiety, pain and tiredness. Practicing yoga regularly helps us develop a habit of taking long, conscious breaths.


6. Yoga calms you down, regulates emotions and eliminates stress

When we achieve the habit of controlling our breathing, when we become aware of what is happening with us here and now, then we are able to control our emotions and stress. Yoga stimulates prana that floats in balance through our organism and calms down the nervous system as well as releases any tensions.


7. Thanks to yoga we sleep and relax better

Many pregnant women suffer from insomnia, which can be caused by many reasons. Some of them, like back pain, birth anxiety, hormonal changes can be relieved by regular yoga practice.


8. Practicing yoga in pregnancy prepares the body for a quicker regeneration after birth

Building body awareness, strengthening internal muscles and stimulating the flow of prana, life energy, prepare every woman for a quicker regeneration after birth.


9. Yoga classes are an opportunity to meet other pregnant women

No other person will understand a pregnant woman better that a woman going through the same experience. When we meet other pregnant moms, we can share our problems, ask for advice and listen to other women. Between pregnant women often an amazing bond develops that can transform into years-long friendship.


10. Practicing yoga in pregnancy prepares well for the birth itself

Yoga will prepare not only your body, but also the nervous system and mind (attitude towards birth). Regular practice of asanas (yoga positions) supports easier birth. Breathing exercises and meditations calm down the mind and train the nervous system, so that it doesn’t surrender to the pain and panic during labour and birth. Yoga will prepare us for a conscious attitude towards birth and motherhood.

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